Upcoming Improv Classes 


Inquiries:  veenasood63@gmail.com

World renowned master Improv teacher KEITH JOHNSTONE (www.keithjohnstone.com) will be coming to Vancouver September 20 -22nd for an INTRODUCTORY WEEKEND IMPROV CLASS. Register with your deposit soon. Spots are limited!

Registration: veenasood63@gmail.com

REGISTER NOW at  veenasood63@gmail.com

REGISTER NOW at veenasood63@gmail.com

Improvisation workshops open students’ imagination and spontaneity.
There is no pressure to 'be funny’ but rather the focus will be on learning how to free your mind, unleash your imagination, and release your spontaneity.

Good improvisers seem telepathic; everything looks pre-arranged, This is because they accept all offers made—which is something no ‘normal’ person would do.”
Keith Johnstone, Master Improvisation teacher

"Improv skills are an essential tool to have in your back pocket during the audition process.
Learning how to quickly think on your feet can put you a step ahead.
What a great fortune to have in our own back yard, Veena Sood, one of the founders of Theatresports!”  

Coreen Mayrs, Casting Director.