Veena Sood: Actress, Improv Teacher

Actress, Improv Teacher

Veena Sood is an award-winning actress, recognized for her versatility in both comedy and drama. 

Veena has a 3-decade background in improvisational theatre. A dual citizen of Canada and the UK, she has performed in numerous film, television and theatrical productions in Canada and abroad.

Currently appearing in: Charmed, Loudermilk, The Murders (CTV Canada). Other appearances include Welcome to Marwen, Riverdale, Lucifer, & The X-Files.  

Upcoming: Away (pre-production). Animations: Molly of Denali, Corner Gas Animated, & 16 Hudson.

Veena em-cees gala events & television specials, produces radio podcasts & web series, along with voicing cartoons.   

Veena is a Leo Award winner for her television work, and a three-time Jessie Richardson award nominee & winner for her work on stage.



Leo Award nominee for her hilarious role in Android Employed.  If you want a great laugh, and see Veena get a good splat of mud on her face, check out the CommUNITY episode.

**News!** Read the article from YVR Screen Scene on Veena to mark her Leo Award Nomination here.

Lorena Gale Women of Distinction Award was given to Veena by the UBCP/ACTRA film & television unions for her encouraged advancement & diversification of opportunities for women, by celebrating those whose accomplishments exemplify that reality.  You can view her stirring speech here.

Sam Payne Award:  UBCP/ACTRA also honoured Veena with The Sam Payne Award for her accomplishments as an actress, & contributions to the creative community. 

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Currently: Away (Netflix pre-production), Loudermilk, The Murders, Riverdale.   Previous TV:  X-Files, Lucifer, Bates Motel.  




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