Veena Sood: Actress, Improv Teacher

Actress, Improv Teacher

Veena Sood is an award-winning actress, recognized for her versatility in both comedy and drama. 

Coming soon - the feature film Downsizing (starring Matt Damon), as well as the upcoming Netflix series The Indian Detective, starring Russell Peters.  Television appearances include Ghost Wars, Lucifer, Bates Motel and The X-Files.    

Veena has also produced podcasts, em-ceed gala events, television specials, web series, & radio.   

A three-time Jessie Richardson award nominee and winner for her work on stage, as well as a Leo Award-winner for her television work, Veena is a valued member of the Vancouver acting community. 

The UBCP/ACTRA unions recently honoured Veena with The Sam Payne Award for her accomplishments as an actress and contributions to the creative community. 

A dual citizen of Canada and the UK, she has performed in numerous film, television and theatrical productions in Canada and abroad.

Click on Veena's IMDB page (below) for a full list of credits.


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You can see Veena in the upcoming new Syfy series Ghost Wars, Netflix new series The Indian Detective, as well as Alexander Payne's Downsizing (starring Matt Damon).   You can also see Veena on last season's X-Files, Lucifer, & Bates Motel.  Currently Veena is filming the feature films The Women of Marwencol, by Robert Zemeckis (starring Steve Carrell), and Emoji Eggplant, produced by Ben Stiller.




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